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I'M FUJOSHI(Bromance fangirl,so there's so much bromance post in my blog)OTAKU,GAMERS,and mangaka stalkers(mihihihihi) and I like to draw~.This is MULTI-FANDOM blog there's kagepuro,free!,sekai ichi hastukoi,etc.Ya' can ask or request me something



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"You are a slave,want emancipation?"

Persona 5,coming soon in 2015
Separate Away"Promise me you’ll run" He whisp. "But,I don’t want too! I can’t stay away from you!" I look at his eyes. He clenches his jaw. "Look, we can’t be together." He scratch his nose. "No. We meant to be together. But,we need to seperate away. Only fate can let us meet again." As he stop talking,I stand in my tip toe too kiss him in his lips for.. maybe the last time I’ve ever saw him and be with him.
Mine,a fan art of Tateyama Ayano,Artist:me

Madder Red,please..

don’t break someone’s future,just let me save someone’s future&smile
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